October 11, 2013

Goodbye Letter

Yes, I hear you!!!
Your voice echoes echoes echoes in my mind
as the words soarrrr off the lines
dysfunck-ing my atmosphere
inhaling stenched excuses
each syllable
singes my nostrils
burns my eyes
I cry
to smother the wildfire
blazing through my heart

The flame once set upon the torch
that kept the passion burning
is at its wick’s end
One more deep breath
may be its demise
Another breath…

Candace Baldwin © 2009-2013. All rights reserved

October 3, 2009

Teardrops (poem)

scarlet eyes
a million teardrops
to my demise
thunder terrors
diminished dreams
can’t see the sky
I’m paralyzed

steep and thick
not a single teardrop
could puncture it
hardened heartache
frozen fossils
angered stiff
my heart is sick

letting go
a dozen teardrops
melting snow
forgiveness flowers
springtime smiles
the final show
now, I can grow

season’s end
no more teardrops
embrace the wind
perfect peace
feeling free
we can be friends
I love again!

Candace Burts © 2009. All rights reserved
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August 17, 2009

The Source (poem)

I trusted my career
jobs to provide meat for my household to eat
Thinking it was my employers that were causing me to thrive
but when it came down to it…
when it came down to their business trying to survive
when they needed to downsize
it was to my demise.

Or so they thought.
But no! I praise God!
Despite the economy
Hard as it is out there
my family eats well
my cupboards’ never been bare
Rent’s never been late
nothing’s been shut off
insurance never lapsed
cause my fate…
is not based on how the world’s financial system operates

The Kingdom of God is not in recession!
It’s running full-force
It’s not what’s my source of income
but WHO is my source
Lord, YOU are my source!
I trust You
YOU are the one…
I trust…
for my income

Candace Burts © 2009. All rights reserved